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The Cyber Initiatives Group, powered by The Cipher Brief, hosts virtual briefings, summits, and a leaders forum designed to help members innovate and co-create solutions to the emerging cyber-related national security challenges. 

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Kevin Mandia

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Rick Ledgett

Former Deputy Director of NSA

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Cybersecurity Summit Date Set for 2022

June 7, 2021  |  Marie Jones

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Four New Summit Speakers Announced

June 4, 2021  |  Marie Jones

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How Cyber Plays in Boardrooms

Nov. 12, 2019  |  The Cipher Brief

We know that corporate boards can no longer afford to leave cyber to the IT team. In the future, (which is now) they need to be actively engaged in cybersecurity and they need to know how to do it from a strategic level...

Tom Bossert's Plan to Hijack the Hack

Nov. 12, 2019  |  The Cipher Brief

Tom Bossert spends a lot of time thinking about hacking.  The former Homeland Security Advisor to President Trump who also served as the country’s Chief Risk Officer and Senior Advisor...

Members Webcast Next Wednesday

Aug. 7, 2019  |  The Cipher Brief

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Threat Conference Agenda Released

July 22, 2019  |  The Cipher Brief

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