I’d like to welcome everyone to The Cyber Initiatives Group’s Members-Only Cyber Briefing today with Mr. Tom Bossert. Tom is the former Homeland Security Advisor to the President and is currently the Chief Strategy Officer with Trinity Cyber. 


For a little background on Tom, though I believe many of you are already familiar with his impressive background, Tom was the homeland security advisor for two U.S. presidents and in that role, he served as the U.S. chief risk officer and senior advisor on cybersecurity issues, homeland security issues, counterterrorism, and global health security policy.  


Tom will be sharing the lessons he learned from his time both in government and in the private sector, and then a little later, we’ll find out what he knows about the ways that cyber adversaries are targeting businesses today. 


I’ll welcome Tom officially in just a moment, but first, some logistics: 

You can submit a question for Tom using the link on the webinar page if you’re joining us via your computer. There is a box on the right-hand side of your screen that includes a question option.   

Cyber Security for Small and Mid-Size Firms.    August 6, 2019
Joel Brenner 
Sr. Research Fellow, MIT Center for International Studies 
CIG members can request a link to access this briefing by sending an email to  

The CIG is a newly-launched, cyber-focused series of high-level and expert briefings on cyber issues that matter to you. Our briefings are both web-based and in-person, and our bench of principal briefers include General Michael Hayden, General Keith Alexander, and a host of others that you can find at cyber initiatives


The CIG boasts an impressive roster of experts covering all aspects of cyber from the public and private perspectives, and we’re proud to say that today’s briefer, former senior counsel at the NSA, Mr. Joel Brenner, is one of our expert members.  


Our topic for today’s briefing is cybersecurity for small- and mid-sized businesses.


Here’s how this works: Joel is going to provide us with his overview briefing on cybersecurity issues for business for the first 15-20 minutes.  At any time during his briefing, you can submit a question for Joel using the link on the webinar page if you’re joining us via your computer – there is a box on the right-hand side of your screen that includes a question option.   


And now, I’d like to officially welcome cyber expert Joel Brenner to today’s briefing. Joel is a lawyer, a writer, and a teacher specializing in cybersecurity policy, intelligence law, and the regulation of sensitive cross-border transactions.  He is also a senior research fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his recent work focuses on international conflict in the gray zone between war and peace, and the protection of electronic networks that control critical infrastructure, such as energy, finance, and telecommunications.

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