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Still feels that I am in High School: make it to 05:00 swim practice five days a week; quietly set up non-harming pranks and practical jokes, and poke fun at the serious with appropriate levity ~ reduces the effect of the First Noble Truth.

Ashtanga Yoga Enthusiast practice six days a week.

Practice Vipassana mediation daily and attend at least one 10-17day silent retreat yearly, qualified to teach the UMASS Medical School's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Curriculum.

Martial Arts nut: Wing Chun and Japanese sword arts: Iaido, Kenjutsu, Kendo/Hojo (not the rope art), can't wait unitl COVID becomes the endemic it's supposed to be so i can get back to Japan and Taiwan to study with my teachers.

My current and previous work life ~ not my identity only a path that found me, and i chose to walk it:

Clark County Nevada, leading the County to invest and mature cyber security and mandated compliance programs, currently at the 23 year mark!

Developed course curriculum and presented "human" related courses on investigative interviewing and insider threat to Black Hat 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Institute for Defense Analyses, consultant on adversary cyber, electronic warfare and intelligence capabilities, 7 years.

Defense Intelligence Agency, 17 years as a USAF reservist, last assigned to the Defense Humint Service during Operations Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Reports Officer. Joint Military Training Center teaching Intelligence Indications and Warning with an emphasis in Computer Network Attack and Defense, 13 years.

EG&G Projects worked on various Special Access Programs supporting the U.S. Government, 15 years.

USAF Security Policeman ~ now USAF Security Forces, 5 years.

B.S. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. MBA, Golden Gate University.