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It's time to action forward.

Real, innovative solutions to cyber and national security require public-private engagement — why wait?

What is the Cyber Initiatives Group?​

The Cyber Initiatives Group (CIG) is an exclusive group of cyber leaders who work together to innovate new ideas and stay on top of market trends. Moderated by Suzanne Kelly, the CIG hosts virtual briefings and summits designed to help group members innovate and co-create solutions to the emerging cyber-related national security challenges.  

How do I sign up?​

We think you'll really enjoy our community. We're glad you're here. Click here to get started.

What are the benefits signing up to CIG?​

Subscribe to the CIG Digital Magazine for actionable takeaways from each summit, expert reflections, a cyber open-source report, and to find information on upcoming summits. 

When is the next event?​

The most recent event was the virtual 2024 Spring Summit on March 20, 2024. We 3 remaining 2024 CIG summits scheduled, as follows:— Summer: Wednesday, June 12, Fall: Wednesday, September 18, Winter:  Wednesday, December 11. Registration details will be announced.

How can I support the Cyber Initiatives Group?​

Innovation doesn't happen in a silo. The Cyber Initiatives Group believes the best solutions to cyber-related national security concerns are born from public and private engagement.

We'd love for you to join the dialogue. Sign up, and you'll have exclusive access to opportunities to share your ideas with other cyber leaders, network, and help progress cyber reform and innovation.

We also need sponsors. Sponsorship helps us bring awareness and attention from news organizations and policy makers of our mission and your cyber innovation.

How do I become a sponsor of CIG?​

A community like the Cyber Initiatives Group needs your support to produce insightful discussions and events. We have sponsorship packages and bespoke opportunities for your organization. Email us at for more information.

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This is your ticket to engage with global cyber leaders on today's challenges and tomorrow's solutions.

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