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Cyber Initiatives Digital Magazine

Welcome to the Cyber Initiatives Group’s inaugural digital magazine. It’s an exciting opportunity for The Cipher Brief to highlight our focus on cybersecurity and national security and specifically, on how the Cyber Initiatives Group (CIG) aims to change the way we collaborate when it comes to cybersecurity.

Not enough of us are paying attention to how sophisticated phishing attacks have become. Not enough boards are paying attention to the seriousness of the risk that cyber breaches pose to their enterprise, and not enough of us, in general, are educating ourselves about basic cyber hygiene. For many of us, this all still feels foreign. It even has a language many of us don’t understand. Let’s change that, because like it or not, thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, our children and their children will be living in a world very different from our own. 

As John McLaughlin has said, #cybersecurity is a devilish issue affecting #nationalsecurity. The Cipher Brief leads in expert-driven discussions and unique, nonpartisan perspective.


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